REC Green Technologies Company Limited

The REC Green Technologies Company Limited (¨RGT〃) works with its clients to create a greener and healthier living environment for the society by developing a wide range of green products and hardware. RGT possesses extensive experience in green building and energy optimization technologies and has been working since 2009 on the solid building and E&M foundation of the Group to concentrate the Research and Development of eco-friendly products. A total of 22 products / hardware are now available for both your new building and renovation projects. With RGT, your project will be turned into a truly sustainable and reducing energy consumption project.

Furthermore, RGTˇs innovative approach has successfully helped clients earn credits from Hong Kong BEAMPlus, US LEED, BCA Green Mark and China 3-Star System.

Below we proudly present the highlight of RGTˇs energy saving products:

Intelligent Fan Coil Unit - iFCU™

Armed with a high efficiency permanent motor, the iFCU? reduces power consumption up to 80% atlow speed operation. By using the iFCU?ˇs programmable thermostat, motor speed is adjusted automatically during period of low cooling demand. In addition to the reduction of energy waste, the programmable control improves total comfort and make a major contribution to energy saving. Whatˇs more? It is suitable for both renovation and new building projects.

Pattern Recognition Energy Saving System (¨PRESS〃)

PRESS utilizes CCTV cameras and pattern recognition detecting software with electronic interfacing device to control lighting and air-conditioning in target areas. Lighting and conditioning will be turned off if the area is detecting unoccupied so as to reduce energy consumption. PRESS also provides smart and enhanced surveillance for indoor and outdoor environment e.g. auto-alert message pop-up for detection of abnormal behavior. It also works with both renovation and new building construction projects.

Solar Heat Reclaimed Panel

Comprising building cladding panel and water-circulated heat collector panel, is targeted at reclaiming solar heat energy by the building envelope to pre-heat the water in order to lower electricity consumption of hot water systems.

Bamako Burner™ - Environmental friendly joss paper burner

Featured with effective fly ash and smoke treatment system, the Bamako Burner™ can reach 99.3% of pollutant removal rate without using any chemicals or additional filters. It is designed to minimize health and environmental impact of black smoke on neighbor residents, facility staff, and worshippers. It is highly appreciated by environmental groups, temples and the Government.

BreeZer™ - Air Purification System for fitting-out and construction site

A mobile air purification device is designed to remove over 90% Respirable Suspended Particle (RSP), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) anddust. It minimizes the impact of the pollution construction work environment to workers, tenants, shoppers and the environment.